Monday Motivation - Stretch your body & mind

It can be very hard to motivate yourself for exercise or training unless it serves a purpose for something. 
There are some of us who can be motivated by the fact becoming fitter comes with many associated health and well-being benefits, and this is great.

For others, these seemingly intangible benefits are not enough to get us out of bed in the morning to go for that run or stop into the gym after a long day at work. 
Like many things in life, if we don’t know our ‘why’ behind making tough decisions, or this ‘why’ is not bigger than our ‘why not’, we will often fail in these moments.

For the more practically minded and people looking for a new physical challenge here are some fitness goals that we can make our ‘why’:

• Master the chin up (5-10 Repetitions).
• A tough hike (Cape Hillsborough, Eungella, or Crediton State Forest).
• Master the push up (10-20 Repetitions).
• Complete a tough bike tour (Velos in the Valley, Mackay).
• Master a yoga pose (Revolved Triangle, Wheel Pose, or Warrior 3).
• Learn an Olympic Lift (Clean & Jerk / Snatch)
• Master the handstand (30 seconds)
• Complete a running Event (Hillsborough Hurt Locker or Mackay Marina Run)
• Become strong(er) - Squat your bodyweight(double) and deadlift more than your bodyweight(double).
• Run a 1.2Km shuttle time trial at NRL standard (Less than 5 minutes).

Goal setting is a powerful process. 
Once you have chosen your goals it is very important to make an action plan to achieve it, otherwise your risk the goal being just words and never becoming your reality. 
There are many great coaches in Mackay specializing in areas within the goals list above and many other specialties.

Mackay’s own coaches would most certainly be able to help turn your goal into practice, and ultimately achievement. If you need help, reach out and ask the question and make it happen.

By Cutters Performance Coach, Alex Kertesz